Environmental and economical benefits

Within two years after project finalization following major outputs shall be realized: Installation of 820 AQUALOOP systems for single family houses and 355 for commercial buildings, more than 300.000 m³ total savings of water, 2.100 MW h total savings of energy. AQUALOOP systems shall have payback times for end users of commercial buildings of less than 10 years considering a mains and waste water price of 2,5 €. BOO contractors shall have a return of investment of more than 10%.

Substantial environmental benefits when compared to today's state of the art:

  • Water savings: ca. 50 % of the water consumption
  • Energy (CO2) reduction: ca. 30 % lower power consumption
  • Energy reclamation: > 8 kWh / m³ at grey water and waste water reuse
  • Chemical reduction: ca. 98 % of chemicals reduction
  • Disposal filters or products: not required at all
example for grey water treatment unit

Economic sustainability (including cost-benefits)

The life cycle period of the AQUALOOP system is estimated in 20 years. The pay back periods depend on the water prices in the country of installation. The economic performance of AQUALOOP can be expressed in a price per m³ water provided by an AQUALOOP system. This price encompasses the total cost of material and installation, the total of running costs such as maintenance, regular spare parts, power consumption and energy production by the heat exchanger. The following table displays the most significant figures:

Price per m³ AQUALOOP water:

AQUALOOP system for single family house (4 PE) 4,00 €
AQUALOOP system for commercial system (36 PE) 1,00 €

Credit/debit interest not considered

Return-on-Investment (ROI) Build-Own-Operate-Contractor (BOO):

Price for mains water per m³ 2 4 6
ROI AQUALOOP system for single family house (4 PE) - - 3 %
ROI AQUALOOP system for commercial system (36 PE) 4 % 15 % 26 %

Credit/debit interest not considered

With a mains water price of at least 3 € the BOO-business-concept starts to be very attractive. This can significantly contribute to the exploitation of AQUALOOP.

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