Technical description including the state of development

The AQUALOOP eco innovation is presented as a completely new and innovative installation kit to build up a water reuse system with heat reclamation at the same time. Sources can be grey water from showers like bath and washing machines, or the effluent from small waste water treatment plants (SWWTP) or surface water like rainwater or river water (without heat reclamation).

AQUALOOP water recycling and heat reclamation at the same time

With the AQUALOOP installation kit as the basis components, and local standard components like tanks and pipework and the water supply unit, many companies in the EU now can create professional complete water reuse systems with heat reclamation for many applications without expensive and project based planning and construction effort.

complete water reuse system with AQUALOOP installation kit

These six modular components shall be assembled in an extreme flexible way as required to several inflow water qualities up to 200 mg BOD/l (biological oxygen demand) and water demands up to 40.000 liters /day and therefore to a lot of applications

AQUALOOP installation kit, main components

The innovative, new and patent applied multi-functional pre-filter traps rough debris particles in a removable filter sieve. The built-in non-return valve prevents the backflow of water, small animals and vermin from entering the tank. With each overflow of tank the ground sediments are automatically extracted through suction overflow in the pre-filter. If the overflow has reached its maximum capacity, the water overflows through the integrated skimmer and thereby cleans the floating debris (foam, grease, oil) from the surface of the water. A biodegradation is carried out by bacteria in the aerated fluidized bed with standard growth bodies.

The innovative, new and patent applied membrane station includes a platform for the mounting of membranes. A permeate pump, back-flushing pump, back-flushing tank and blower connection are all integrated. The membrane station can be flexibly equipped with up to six membranes, depending on the required amount of water to be filtered. Multiple membrane stations can be used in parallel for higher water volume requirements. Each membrane station contains a fully automatic system controller for operating and monitoring the pump and blower.
A standard blower is used simultaneously to clean the membrane and to supply the aeration necessary for the biomass. The patented membranes are new for this applications and the core of the water treatment process. The membranes special hollow fibers are designed to effectively retain bacteria and virus. The unique construction will deliver advantages for the life time and the maintenance. The compact, simple and innovative new heat exchanger device is used to preheat domestic hot water, and is embedded directly in the tank. This solution utilises the heat buffer capacity of the water storage tank for free. It offers easy maintenance (chemically resistant surface with special nano-coating, new anti-fouling, a stainless steel heat exchange surface and plastic body for long reliability.

With few components the customers can build up water reuse systems for several applications: In grey water recycling the less contaminated water from shower, bath tub, hand basin and washing machine is collected and processed for reuse in toilet flushing, garden watering and household cleaning purposes. The temperatures are suitable for heat reclamation. The membrane station can be directly installed within the existing discharge chamber of existing wastewater treatment systems.

Pre-filter and the growth bodies are not required. The water can be reused and the heat reclaimed for household purposes. The new technology produces germ free water also from surface water such as rain water, ground water, lakes or rivers. In this case heat reclamation is not suitable.

AQUALOOP flowchart

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